Nuts FAQ

Can I use a private repository?

Nuts is designed to proxy assets from a private repository to the public.

Can I use a GitHub Enterprise / GitLab repository?

Since version 3.0.0, Nuts can works with other backends than GitHub. Feel free to post a Pull-Request to implement such backends!

Can I deploy it to Heroku?

Yes you can!

Can I use it in my Node.js application?

Yes you can!

What file should I upload to the GitHub release?

Nuts can detect the type of file from its filename, there is no strict policy on file naming. Nuts tries to respect the filename/extension conventions for the different platforms. request:)

  • Windows: .exe, .nupkg etc
  • Linux: .deb, .tar.gz, etc
  • OS X: .dmg, etc

By default releases are tagged as 32-bits (except for OSX), but 64-bits will also be detected from filenames.

How should I tag my releases?

Nuts requires applications to follow SemVer. And even if you're not using Nuts, you should follow it!

Does nuts provide an Atom feed of versions?

Yes, See Feed URLS.

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